Another note on my multiple trips into our kitchen at odd hours.

A while ago Kathleen discovered that I could be easily bribed with a particular piece of genius that she produces known as "Apple Cake". Known to me however as "a taste that is easily worth fixing the front garden gates for..."

It is at this point that I should say that it rarely lasts very long, goes brilliantly with Yeo Valley Yoghurt, clotted cream from my home county of Cornwall and topped with blueberries. By now you get the picture of this apple cake porn moment.

Today is Saturday, the latest cake arrived in the fridge on Thursday and Kathleen left to visit Yorkshire at 2pm today, the resistance lasted until 5pm - pretty good for me really... it's almost gone and I have the difficult task of yet again blaming the cat for eating it or aliens or a "few friends that dropped by"...

After deciding that honesty is the best policy I admitted it and asked why it's so damn tasty. Kathleen tells me she adds some of the Savvy Oz Carob powder to the mix when making it (Savvy are a client I admit), we have a good selection of Savvy products in the kitchen and the secret ingredient is now revealed.

The cat is relieved as she is no longer carrying the burden of my guilt. The blame is obvious- it lies with Jon and Katie from Savvy...

Click here to see the guilty: jon&katie

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JOHN GRAHAM FCSD is the Managing Director of AD CREATIVE, a London based design company specialising in food branding and food packaging. He lives in Chiswick with his wife KATHLEEN BIRCH and a small black cat called Bets.

He is also in love with Coke Zero and Caffeine.