When you’re a foodie (and we are!!), you shop for speciality food ingredients or products that are tasty, healthful and high-quality with a twist of uniqueness. What is it that catches your eye? Food packaging design: elegant typography, mouth-watering photography, overall craftsmanship Or something different?. That unique moment of inspiration - we all get it.

Food is a central part of our culture, so it’s no surprise that great food packaging design to go along goes along with food products. food packaging for local producers plays a huge role in making a sale. A commercial realistic label tells the story of a small-batch product at a farmers’ market or neighborhood shop beautifully without over egging the pudding or trying to look like Coca-Cola.

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When we say commercially realistic Food packaging there is an obvious difference between Selfridge's Food Hall and your local supermarket. It does not mean one is cheap and one is expensive, it means we balance the real truth of your product with the audience that you believe will look to purchase. Then create food packaging that ties all of that together beautifully.

Working with the Speciality Fine Food Fair as a mentor in the small business centre at the show year gives us a unique broad spectrum approach to food packaging, as we get to walk the entire exhibition hall for the length of the show and meet and talk with small speciality brands and just sharing the excitement and engagement, it also means we get to engage in one-to-one dialogue with other mentors ( who are all recognised experts in the field of food, not just packaging) this is invaluable experience and knowledge that we love to share.

We also recognise the value of food industry expertise to drive successful, commercially realistic, legally compliant and says to the challenge of food packaging. As such we have been in partnership with the recognised food industry expert Jane Milton, Jane's expertise can sense check project work at an early stage saving time, money, and frustration thereby delivering commercially realistic success.

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We love to talk food and food packaging so feel free to get in touch, or take a look at our food clients these are all companies that are just like you from the very biggest to the very smallest each one of them started out somewhere ( ones were working on now are JUST starting out on that small batch product).

Or just take a look at what our clients say, or take a look at their brands, they are just like you and we made them all look damn good and added to their sales!

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