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Trust - that seems to us to be the key word in selecting the right food packaging designers to work on YOUR brand, You have spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears making a taste that you know will appeal, delight and create a customer base that will love you and everything you do.

Firstly you have to get your food packaging on the shelf of the retailer or Amazon or Cotswold Fayre , whichever is your chosen route to market from the major players.

So how does trust fit into your ideal food pack?, things we know that are right are based on what our own clients say to us and the success that relationship has delivered. Pretty pictures and a great looking brand and food pack design may well look great on your desk but what will the customer think ?. Hold on... you have actually have two targets and thats what matters in commercial terms

1. The customer - thats the retailer, the on line shop or distributor of your food product

2. The consumer, thats the person who actually consumes the product

Obvious really ? , not to everyone, do you actually know how it works and what the first group will want to see in food packaging design. Does it fit with their own brand aspirations and their own knowledge of their consumers ?. Do you know how the food packaging design will stack up in that important first meeting ?

Then there is the consumer, just like me and you ? not necessarily, think of your own purchase decisions, they may be humans but have no particular loyalty to you and your one chance to impress really is like a first date !

Put on your best outfit and appeal visually for the date you are ACTUALLY going on

One of the best ways to appeal to your customers is by attracting them visually. Having the right 'outfit' when on shelf will attract and appeal, the customer can't try your fabulous dip or spread through the food packaging so look the part, are you friendly or serious?, will your taste entertain or compliment another product ? - consider why you would buy your product and look the part.

It's like a first date, you get that one chance to impress with your best features !

Giving the impression of the product which is a multi sensory experience in a simple 2d graphic and a 3d pack is no easy task.

This is where trust comes in, the trust in a food packaging design agency that can deliver the commercial realities of what you need combined with a suitably different not just simply different approach to YOUR brand.

TELL ME MORE: the work and the results

We know from our long experience in food packaging design that the combination of creative and commercial experience is vital for success and we have been partnered with Jane Milton for a number of years, her Food industry expertise adds that vital check list to your brand that can easily make the difference between a commercial success and just another pretty picture when you take you food packaging design to the customer trying to get them to take it to the consumer

Take a look at Jane Miltons credentials and network: this is what we TRUST and have PROVEN is the right approach for YOUR brand

Working in Partnership with Jane Milton - Food Industry Expert

Jane Milton, leading a team of Food Industry Specialists. Jane has built a business working with producers, innovators and retailers helping them develop ideas and bring them to market cost effectively, expediently and successfully. With over 25 years expertise in the food industry and a proven track record for helping food businesses achieve great results, Jane and her colleagues are always in demand to identify strategies and bring them to fruition within the food industry.

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We love to talk food and food packaging so feel free to get in touch, or take a look at our work and the results, these are all companies that are just like you from the very biggest to the very smallest each one of them started out somewhere ( ones were working on now are JUST starting out on that small batch product).

Don't believe our food packaging design credentials ? , then just read what our clients say, these are unedited comments and they will happily talk to you about our food packaging design ability, just contact AD Creative to arrange a conversationFood and food packaging is our main specialisation for brands just like yours. We work for you on your brand and really can deliver results that make a commercial difference and a return for your business. Take a look at our work and the results, these are all companies that are just like you. From the very biggest to the very smallest each one of them started out somewhere (ones we're working on now are JUST starting out on that small batch product).

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Feel free to get in touch to talk about your food brand and where you want to go with it.

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Feel free to get in touch with us at AD Creative, or take a look at our Food clients these are all companies that are just like you from the very biggest to the very smallest each one of them started out somewhere ( ones AD Creative is working on now are JUST starting out on that small batch product).

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Here's what one award winning client said about us

Our role was brand and food packaging design across multiple formats and sizes of pack for this award winning producer.

"A recommendation brought us straight to the AD Creative website and we were immediately impressed by the clean, impactful portfolio. As a founders of our food start-up with creative backgrounds, we knew what we wanted and needed a re-brand that was going to excite us and our customers. We were not disappointed. A visit from their highly intuitive (and very likeable) MD to our premises saw us already well on the way to a successful working brief. We were very excited to open that first email with the drafts attached and it exceeded expectations; John had clearly translated our very particular requirements and just as importantly, our own characters to the design team, coming up with the 'consciously curious' strapline. Very little consulting followed and we were and are confident to leave tweaks in the hands of the (very patient) experts. We feel that the packs are 100% us and our unique offering calls out to people from the shelves. We're so happy to have found a design team with pizazz and personality."

Jonathan Drury CEO Savvy Foods