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We have a wide range of food packaging design work created for both major global brands and small local artists and brands all very successful in their own markets.


The key benefit that all our clients enjoy is centred around our agile, flexible, results driven service. What this means is we are able to respond and react quickly to any changes that you as our client would need to ensure we take advantage of any opportunities that you may have in presenting to major retailers.

As an example we have recently produced food pacakging design mockups of a new range of products for a client (confidential!). The client had an immediate opportunity to present to Waitrose, this meant we were able to produce convincing and high-quality branded mockups with all the relevant information and nutritional on this particular product within 24-hours. The client got the listing and not unnaturally delighted.

This is what we mean by agile, results driven, it's about sales, and how we support you in your aims to get to that point. It's not just about pretty pack that looks great sitting on your desk. We actually understand through long experience the necessity to deliver a food packaging design that works for the target audience you are looking to reach. We have learnt this with big brand behaviour.

Here's just one of our Food Packaging Design projects

Producing a wide range of food products across major multiple retailers in the UK and Export, Me too! Foods offers a wide range of high quality and authentic dips, sauces and salads. All to the original recipes of Ramona Hazen the company founder.

Our brief was to reposition and upgrade the brand and packaging to give an enhanced on shelf presence to reflect the quality and range.



We retained some of the existing icons of the business and researched into its history and true story.

This was then developed into a high impact colourful range to give the consumer a full view of the brands range on shelf.

The client is delighted, winning awards and delivering a 27% uplift in sales following the rebrand (yes really!)


"ADCreative London rebranded and repacked my product range. An exceptional solution, well handled and delivered. We are delighted with the results from the added value to the Me Too! brand."

Ramona Hazen, Managing Director, Me Too! Foods


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Our food clients are all companies that are just like you from the very biggest to the very smallest. Each brand started out small ( the ones we're working on now are JUST starting out on that small batch new product).