AD Creative London designed and built the digital platform for West London Business (WLB).

Our Role was to deliver a substantial branded B2B website and mobile site. Comprising clear segmentation and pulling in multiple external information from sources such as event booking and blogs, all the usual social media and to act as a document and media centre for key policy documents and communications to the membership.

A complex and highly detailed project which delivered precise results and measurable uptake for the client.

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West London Business is the voice of business in West London, covering seven local authority areas. WLB is a company limited by guarantee, owned and led by the private sector. Explore the mission, vision & commitment to drive forward the region’s global economic competitiveness, whilst pursuing social and environmental sustainability.

With a diverse economy of £50 billion, West London is second only to the City in UK economic importance, contributing some 20 per cent to the capital’s total GDP.

Powered by major economic drivers including Heathrow, Park Royal, the Golden Mile and the Sky creative cluster, West London is home to strong industry sectors such as transport, logistics, hospitality, IT, pharma and financial services.

While the area accommodates some of the world’s major brands, it is SMEs that make up 95 per cent of London’s economy. They continue to thrive through robust competition and continuous innovation.


WLB's roots go back to the early 1990s and they have an impressive track record of delivery.

WLB are governed by a board that includes blue chips, such as GSK, HSBC, Heathrow, Brunel, SEGRO, PWC, as well as SME's and micro enterprises.

AD Creative London is a Premier partner to West London Business.




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