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The Quality Food Awards are the most prestigious awards for food and drink products on sale in UK grocery outlets. What sets these awards apart is the impartiality and robustness of the judging process, which rightly sits at the heart of everything we do.

Winning a Quality Food Award is an outstanding achievement. It means that your product has been judged to be the very best in its category by renowned industry experts - and that really is something to shout about. Entrants also find our independent, expert judges’ feedback invaluable in helping them enhance products and launch even more successful ones. Along side with our Consumer PR company Panache offering PR support for every shortlisted product our awards really do offer something different in the market place.

A D Creative is proud to be the brand design consultant to this prestigious award and is also one of the Judges. Being able to offer a view to the judging panel on the quality of product and packaging. food packaging is a key component of the judging process. The ability of a brand to communicate on pack the promise of eating characteristics within the pack is judged on its merits when combined with the actual eating characteristics by a wide panel of industry experts.

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Being selected to work on this iconic brand that has stood for 40 years as a pinnacle of success in both food industry and food retailing to us, demonstrates the value in our work for both major global brands such as Coca-Cola and smaller Challenger brands such as Metoo! Foods.

As always our balance of creative solutions and commercial reality. drove the project solution. Our ability to recognise that the brand for the quality food awards is used on multiple pack formats across multiple print production processes and has to sit within multiple brand and retail identities.

A master brand system of tiles, colours and the iconic nature of the large Q in our solution as delivered flexibility, reality, and suitability all within the widespread complexities of the brand's usage.

AD Creative is proud to continue its long association with the quality food awards in 2016. This year the judging in August as seen us tasting, enjoying and being amazed by many of the entrants. Innovation, excitement and attention to detail combined with a few showstopping entrants (that went on to win the gold Q) has left us highly impressed.

Major point of interest for AD Creative was the usage of innovative pack formats, this is particularly true in the ethnic category. Usage of print finishing techniques such as foil blocking, spot varnish, high-definition reproduction techniques and large block graphics on some entrants combined with the key important brand value of reduced use of packaging and recyclability is also good to see.

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