AD Creative is a Food Packaging Design Agency team of Award winning food packaging designers in West London :

The best idea to start with is your own brand, you will already have everything you need in the product and your true story of the passion that you put into making every last mouthful tastes the best that it possibly can. Nobody can do it better.

All you need is a creative food packaging design company like AD Creative to "translate" all of that into a visual and verbal packaging piece that the consumer will truly identify with you and you alone. A high quality commercially successful creative solution is a balancing skill that is driven by experience and passion-just like your product! click here to read more.

TELL ME MORE: the work and the results

As an example here is one project that does exactly that. We took the passion of Ramona Hazan and her gorgeous award winning dips , soups and Falafels combined this with her family history then the brand and identity just literally fell into place. It doesn't have to be difficult if you just look at what's in front of you and what you already own.

The brief was to reposition and upgrade the brand and packaging to give an enhanced on shelf presence to reflect the quality and range. We were also briefed to get the brand from one particular retail sector into a more mainstream section. This was done and achieved. Client also found that where she had previously six products in a major multiple retailer they were now taking 11 from the range.




"ADCreative London rebranded and repacked my product range. An exceptional solution, well handled and delivered. We are delighted with the results from the added value to the Me Too! brand."

Ramona Hazen, Managing Director, Me Too! Foods


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