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Launched in September 2016 across a range of Artisan breads. The key to the GRADZ taste is the fact that since 2003, a natural ‘mother dough’ has been the source for GRADZ sourdough bread. No starter mix or baker’s yeast is used, which means the bread is easier to digest. And it’s rich with authentic sourdough flavour and characteristics.

The project is a complete Strategy and Design from a blank sheet, through research and listening to the client to that single EUREKA! moment when you discover the essence of the story. Invoked by the passion of the Bakers (they literally won't let you go without trying a mouthful of every bread) this is invention at its purest form with the actual people that are baking the bread right in front of you.

Being able to immerse ourselves in the clients bakery was the key to the solution and when it was casually mentioned where the recipes had come from we latched onto it and built the very true story around the creative. That's the EUREKA! moment.

Part of one of the top 10 bakeries in the UK we are really very fortunate to work with them.

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