Ok so we all have that total screaming nightmare when you buy your absolute favourite brand and get it home but it's in a new "secure" pack and it takes a chainsaw to open it or worse it explodes in your hands and the artisanal Coffee from Mumbai is all over the floor. It's actually not funny as you have now lost a repeat sale and you will get consumer complaints.

On a recent project the client tells us that the most frequent customer comment (after WOW what a great taste) is "cant open it," "really difficult to see where the tab is", "couldn't find the tab to break open", the annoyance is easy to see. One of our first objectives was to understand the issue and how we could quickly solve this on the existing labelling as the client had a lot of the packs already and they could not be scrapped as this was a commercial suicide.

Answer- HUMOUR, make the customer see the funny side and the reason why it's so secure in a chatty manner

So instead of tiny type saying "break tab to open" it will now read "in case of flavour emergency break this security tab to get satisfaction" with a big arrow and a picture of an axe, whilst it cant overcome the mouldings issues it can show that the brand is aware and the word security makes the point with a quirky illustration. Doesn't remove the obstacle but makes it a little easier to overcome with a smile.

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