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Take a look at our work, as you can see we work with a wide range of brands acrosss the world and here in the UK. From large to small the customer experience is identical and you can tell that from our testimonials. We can back this up with client verbal references.


The key benefit that all our clients get is centred around our agile, flexible, results driven service. This means we are able to respond and react quickly to any changes that you as our client would require to ensure we take advantage of any opportunities that you may have in presenting to major retailers.

Vini & Bal's Rustic Indian.

Easily the best Rustic Indian Curry Sauce you will ever taste. We delivered a range of food packaging for ambient sauces for this BBC Dragon's Den winner.

We wrote a full brand story and linked the brand to the Holi festival of colours (which is a true part of its heritage).

The two entrepreneurs Vini & Bal are driven by the taste and quality of the sauces, we linked this to our brand positioning of "Taste in FULL COLOUR" due to the mouth watering range and complex tastes in the sauce. Its the REAL Indian Gluten, Free, Vegetarian and truthfully colourful in flavour.


Multi award winning and Vini and Bal really are exceptional people!

This is what we mean by agile, results driven, it's about sales, and how we support you in your aims to get to that point. It's not just about pretty pack that looks great sitting on your desk. We actually understand through long experience the necessity to deliver a food packaging design that works for the target audience you are looking to reach. We have learnt this with big brand behaviour.

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