In today's Artisan food products market it can be difficult for consumers to distinguish between corporate and Artisan brands so many corporate brands take on the appearance of "organic" and farm fresh. Here the food packaging is very carefully considered to give and communicate a message of flavour exploration. This is a true part of the brand's history and authenticity, we ensured that this was continued through all of the digital assets online.

Yee Kwan took bravery to a new level when she entered the Dragons Den and convinced Deborah Meaden to invest. Deborah Meaden approached us to look at all the visual assets including food packaging. We took Yee Kwans love of travel and far Eastern culture and combined the two into the concept of flavour Explorer. The second challenge was to transform the brand into a B2B offer.

Food packaging in this project is one component in the overall mix. Our core role is to make sure that all the pieces came together in one unified message of clarity and consistency.

Yee had two Dragons competing for her business and chose to go with Deborah Meaden. We had very positive feedback from Yee and Deborah Meaden.


We have since moved to pack creative for a new range for this brand


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