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AD Creative recommends you start with the truth, you will already have everything you need in the product and your true story of the passion that you put into making every last mouthful tastes the best that it possibly can. Nobody can do it better - that's the truth and you know it.

All you need is a group of creative food packaging designers like AD Creative to put all of that truth into a believable visual and verbal packaging piece that the consumer will truly identify with you and you alone. A commercially successful creative solution is a balancing skill that is driven by experience and passion-just like your product!

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MrC's Pies

The commercial challenge:

Robert Corrigan approached us with the brief to look at branding and packaging of his handmade pies, we were selected following another companies failure to deliver to spec.
The brief was simple and clear

Robert had the opportunity to expand his sales lines from very respected high end delis into the food halls of Fortnum and Mason and Harrods and wanted to present his pies to them as the unique handmade quality of his recipe with the true Scottish provenance of both himself and everything about the pies.

The creative solution:

We created the idea of “Mr C” as Robert is known in the trade and delivered a premium branding reflecting the Scottish Provenance of the product using clear graphics and identity elements so the consumer is in no doubt

Roberts pies have multiple Gold awards and best in class awards from many leading edge award authorities and have been reviewed in many quality food publications.

Our food packaging design ensured that this quality and provenance was reflected to the consumer


Chosen for Fortnum and Mason already and now seen at more delis in Scotland and the rest of the UK

Judge for yourself by hearing what Robert himself had to say :

“ADCreative delivered a brand for our pies that perfectly reflects the authenticity and excellence that we put into our recipes, they are a highly creative team and produced a very well delivered project”

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