You may think that you have tried HOT pepper sauce but this particular product is like nothing else. A true original with all natural ingredients and over 30 spices and chilli pepper tastes in one sauce. Works beautifully as a stir in or as a condiment. In our opinion it's the best true HOT pepper sauce we have tried. Created some years ago in South East London by David Taribo to a docklands family recipe he has been selling local for a while.

Our brief was to up-rate the graphics and the packaging format to work more efficiently with his packing methods and give him a customer and consumer facing brand that actually reflected the skill in the making the sauce combined with David's personality in the way he talks - "no nasties - all goodies"

Client really wanted to keep the history of his brand in the cartoon pepper character which we retained

Kings Amazing HOT pepper sauce is not so much 'artisan' as a work of art.