AD Creative is a food packaging design agency with over 40 years experience.

The design of your food packaging will add value to your brand and your sales. Don't underestimate the power of food packaging creativity. It is important however to remember to be suitably different not just simply different. Try to balance a few key points of truth about your brand and your product into the food packaging with a suitably different way of saying it ( this can be either visual or verbal) meaning that how you say it is equally as important as when you say.

Whilst you may think it's obvious not to try and get your entire story onto the front of the food packaging take a look around your local supermarket and see how many brands try. You will be surprised.

Clarity and consistency in the communication on your food packaging is essential. 14 different colours does not make for clarity... Consistency should be looked at in terms of colour ranging, branding, position on the food packaging (set up a hierarchy of information) much the same way the you would with a conversation with a friend. You wouldn't shout every single point you want to make at a friend. You look to emphasise certain words that you feel are important to get your message across. The packaging is no different think about the consumer as your friend, how you get to chat to them? Will it be friendly?, Or is your brand deadly serious? This impacts the tone of voice that you use and will obviously impact the colours the use ( shocking pink is never going to be deadly serious)

Structural packaging i.e. the shape and size of the food packaging and mission-critical. You should look for something the shape of food packaging that sits as part of the entire offer on shelf yet has a subtle point of difference that gives you a standout, being wildly different is an expensive gamble best played by major global brands with major global budgets.

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