JOHN GRAHAM FCSD is the Managing Director of AD CREATIVE, a London based design company specialising in food branding and food packaging. He lives in Chiswick with his wife KATHLEEN BIRCH and a small black cat called Bets.

He is also in love with Coke Zero and Caffeine.

The Sunday morning hunter gatherer...

I cannot be the only one on a Sunday morning that heads for the kitchen and the coffee.... then it all got a bit weird in our house this morning. I stopped and looked around at the many ways we have of delivering the caffeine hit. There are 6 in our kitchen, its marginally frightening and at my age not sure I am qualified for that kind of decision making process on a Sunday morning... especially after a client event the night before.

We have in order of reach to my hands at the time

  1. Dolce Gusto - Rapid and easy and well worth it ( we won it as a prize in the raffle at the Quality Food Awards - my wife had considerable excitement at this one ! )

  2. Sainsburys instant - (needs the kettle and that was empty..)

  3. Delonghi Eletta Cappucino, man this thing is soooo worth the money but requires air traffic control level ability to use it properly

  4. We have a Nespresso but I have no idea where the capsules are

  5. Grind it and cafetiere it, the thought of the chainsaw style volume from the grinder made me re-think that..

  6. Various packets of NASA style powders in small handy tear open pouches that promise all manner of coffee hits.

Most of this kit has been acquired or arrived over a few years and I ask you to check your own kitchens and see how the caffeine industry is doing a brilliant job of adding that value to the cup of Joe.

My own solution? - run to the Deli around the corner and track down a cup or 6 along with the rest of "the tribe of bloke" - the caveman/hunter gatherer instinct wins this Sunday....



If you feel you need to talk about your caffeine issues then use this form to reach out to me or call me on 07831 859 672- I am a good listener especially after a cup or six.....