The client has always enjoyed cake. And chocolate. And ice cream. Sometimes all three at the same time. For Chris, pudding conjures warm memories of childhood, when even the simple melody of a Mr Whippy van with its distinctive pink and white livery was enough to make his heart skip with joy (and still is, if truth be told!)

Indulgences were carefree and abundent; and dessert wasn’t just something you put in your mouth, it was an emotion, a feeling, a sensation. The sweet crunch of honeycomb. The soft billow of marshmallow. The thick creaminess of caramel.

A seriously great client who caught our attention when asked to describe his cakes he said "'s like Mr Kipling and Nigella Lawson had a bastard child..." - a truly amazing range of products. Our role was to create everything the brand needed from strategy to a brand and packaging through to digital.